Sams Teach Yourself Basecamp in 10 Minutes

Book description

Sams Teach Yourself Basecamp in 10 Minutes offers straightforward, practical answers when you need fast results. By working through 10-minute lessons, you’ll learn everything you need to know to quickly and easily get up to speed with Basecamp.

10 minutes is all you need to learn how to…

  •   Choose the right subscription plan for your needs

  •   Get started fast with collaborative project management

  •   Customize your Basecamp workspace

  •   Efficiently manage people, companies, and permissions

  •   Define, populate, search, and manage projects

  •   Enter and track milestones, “To Do” lists, and scheduling information

  •   Use iCalendar and integrate with your company’s other calendar tools

  •   Post messages and share files

  •   Collaborate with Basecamp’s Writeboard, Chat, and RSS tools

  •   Quickly view project activity on the Dashboard

  •   Simplify access with 37signals ID and Launchpad

  •   Extend Basecamp with reporting, charting, billing, and accounting

  •   Integrate Basecamp with the iPhone and other smartphones

  • Product information

    • Title: Sams Teach Yourself Basecamp in 10 Minutes
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: February 2010
    • Publisher(s): Sams
    • ISBN: None