Chapter 1

Exploring What You Can Do with Your Phone


Bullet Reviewing the basic capabilities of just about any mobile phone

Bullet Understanding what sets smartphones apart

Bullet Mapping out what makes Samsung Galaxy S10 phones so cool

Bullet Getting you prepared to enjoy your phone

Whether you want just the basics from a mobile phone (make and take phone calls, customize your ringtone, take some pictures, maybe use a Bluetooth headset) or you want your phone to be always by your side (a tool for multiple uses throughout your day), you can make that happen. In this chapter, I outline all the things your Samsung Galaxy S10 can do — from the basics to what makes Galaxy S10 phones different from the rest.

Discovering the Basics of Your Phone

All mobile phones on the market today include basic functions, and even some entry-level phones are a little more sophisticated. Of course, Samsung includes all basic functions on the Galaxy S10 model. In addition to making and taking calls (see Chapter 3) and sending and receiving texts (see Chapter 4), the Galaxy S10 sports the following basic features: ...

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