Chapter 5

Sending and Receiving Email


Bullet Setting up email accounts on your phone

Bullet Reading email on your phone

Bullet Managing your email folder

Bullet Sending email from your phone

If you’ve had email on your phone for a while, you know how convenient it is. If your Galaxy S10 phone is your first cellphone with the capability to send and receive email, prepare to be hooked.

I start this chapter by showing you how to set up your email, regardless of whether your email program is supported. Then I show you how to read and manage your email. Finally, I tell you how to write and send email in the last section in this chapter.

Setting Up Your Email

These days, many people have multiple personal email address for many reasons. Your phone’s Email app can manage up to ten email accounts. With a Galaxy S10 phone, you may need to create a separate email account on Google’s Gmail just for your phone. If you do not get a Gmail account, you’ll miss out on so many exciting capabilities. I highly recommend setting up a new Gmail account if you don’t have one already (see the upcoming section “ ...

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