Chapter 18

Ten Features to Look for Down the Road


Bullet Taking better care of you

Bullet Delivering next generation of entertainment

Bullet Finding you indoors

Bullet Improving 911 capabilities

With the power of your Samsung Galaxy S10 and the flexibility offered in Android applications development, it can be difficult to imagine that even more capabilities could be in the works. In spite of this, the following are ten features that would improve the usability and value of your Galaxy S10 phone.

Always-on Personal “Dash-cam”

Here is a mind blowing concept: Your smartphone can continuously record your location, the sound, and video, up to and including a 360° perspective at HD level quality. There are two obstacles to this application: privacy and cost. As mentioned in Chapter 14, the biggest issue with privacy/security is the human factor, not the technology. Cost is an issue. Today you can store a full day’s video for about $10.

However, the price of storage is declining by half every year (OK, every 14 months, but I want to keep the math simple). In less than a decade, assuming that these ...

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