Chapter 3

Calling People


Bullet Dialing and answering phone calls

Bullet Using your call list

Bullet Making emergency calls

Bullet Connecting to a Bluetooth headset

At its essence, any cellphone — no matter how fancy or smart — exists to make phone calls. The good news is that making and receiving phone calls on your Galaxy S22 is easy.

In this chapter, I show you not only how to make a call, but also how to use your call list to keep track of your calls. And don’t skip the section on using your phone for emergencies.

Finally, if you’re like many people, you’re never doing just one thing at a time, and a Bluetooth headset can make it easier for you to talk on the phone while driving and getting directions, checking email, wrangling kids and dogs, or just plain living life. In this chapter, I show you how to hook up your phone to a Bluetooth headset so that you can make and receive phone calls hands-free.

Making Calls

After your phone is on and you’re connected to your cellular carrier (see Chapters 1 and 2), you can make a phone call. It all starts from the Home screen. Along the bottom of ...

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