Chapter 4

Discovering the Joy of Text

In This Chapter

arrow Sending a text message

arrow Sending a text message with an attachment

arrow Receiving a text message

Sure, mobile phones are made for talking. But these days, many people use their phones even more for texting. Text messages (which are short messages, usually 160 characters or less, sent by mobile phone) are particularly convenient when you can’t talk at the moment (maybe you’re in a meeting or class) or when you just have a small bit of information to share (“Running late — see you soon!”).

Many mobile phone users — particularly younger ones — prefer sending texts to making a phone call. They find texting a faster and more convenient way to communicate, and they often use texting shorthand to fit more “content” in that character limit.

Even the most basic phones support texting these days, but your Galaxy S6 phone makes sending and receiving text messages more convenient, no matter whether you’re an occasional or pathological texter. In this chapter, I fill you in on how to send a text message (with or without an attachment), how to receive a text message, and how to read your old text messages.

To use text messaging, you must have texting ...

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