Chapter 6

Managing Your Contacts

In This Chapter

arrow Putting all your callers, texters, and e-mailers on your phone

arrow Getting all your contacts in one location

arrow Keeping up to date with just a few taps

You’re probably familiar with using contact databases. Many mobile phones automatically create one, or at least prompt you to create one. You also probably have a file of contacts on your work computer, made up of work e-mail addresses and telephone numbers. And if you have a personal e-mail account, you probably have a contact database of e-mail accounts of friends and family members. If you’re kickin’ it old school, you might even keep a paper address book with names, addresses, and telephone numbers.

The problem with having all these contact databases is that it’s rarely ever as neat and tidy as I’ve just outlined. A friend might e-mail you at work, so you have her in both your contact databases. Then her e-mail address might change, and you update that information in your personal address book but not in your work one. Before long, you have duplicate and out-of-date contacts, and it’s hard to tell which is correct. How you include Facebook or LinkedIn messaging in your contact profile ...

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