Chapter 18

Ten Features to Look for Down the Road

In This Chapter

arrow Controlling home electronics

arrow Finding information and entertainment

arrow Finding you indoors

arrow Enhancing your reality

arrow Improving 911 capabilities

With the power of your Samsung Galaxy S6 and the flexibility offered in Android applications development, it can be difficult to imagine that even more capabilities could be in the works. In spite of this, the following are ten features that would improve the usability and value of your Galaxy S6 phone.

Smarter Customer Care for Your Phone

You may not realize this, but your cellular carrier lives on pins and needles during the first few weeks after you get your new phone. This is the period when you can return your phone, no questions asked. Once you go past that date, you cannot cancel your contract without a lot of hassle on your part.

This is why, if you bring your phone back to the store reporting a problem, your carrier will tend to swap out your old phone for a brand new one. ...

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