Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK For Dummies

Book description

Your guide to the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK For Dummies provides you with all the information you need to get the most out of your NOOK tablet. You'll quickly get up to speed on the basics, like using the touchscreen technology, setting up wireless access, and performing software updates. Then you'll get introduced to the fun stuff: downloading and shopping for e-books, using the built-in web browser, streaming videos from Netflix, Hulu, and other sources, and creating cool slideshows of photos from your digital camera. If that's not enough to pique your interest, you'll find out how to use the Android-based applications that come with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK, interact with the device using the built-in microphone, create your own e-books, archive your e-books, and so much more!

Bringing together the absolute best of two worlds, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook is a co-branded e-reader tablet produced by Samsung and Barnes & Noble. By teaming up with a thriving hardware brand, the creators of the NOOK have been able to focus on developing a more competitive device, giving you a better-performing and sleeker user-experience. With the help of this book, you'll get expert guidance on discovering everything this cool new tablet has to offer.

  • Four-color design brings the information to life

  • Offers clear instruction on navigating the touchscreen, browsing the web, and staying connected with email

  • Covers the latest books, apps, magazines, and more

  • Provides step-by-step guidance on streaming video, playing music, and reading e-books

  • If you've just purchased this awesome new device and want to find out everything it can do for you, you'll find Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK For Dummies out of this world.

    Table of contents

      1. Introduction
        1. About This Book
        2. Foolish Assumptions
        3. Icons Used in This Book
        4. Beyond the Book
        5. Where to Go from Here
      2. Part I: Getting Started with Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK
        1. Chapter 1: The First NOOK in the Galaxy
          1. Cozying Up to Your NOOK
          2. Charging the Battery
          3. Inspecting the Gadget
            1. The front
            2. The left side
            3. The right side
            4. The top side
            5. The bottom
            6. The back
          4. Turning On, Turning Off, Going to Sleep
            1. Powering on
            2. Powering off
            3. Going to sleep
            4. Setting the sleep timeout
          5. Jetting into Airplane Mode
          6. Putting More on a microSD Card
            1. Installing a microSDHC card
            2. Mounting a microSDHC card
            3. Unmounting and ejecting a microSDHC card
            4. Formatting a microSDHC card
        2. Chapter 2: Laying Hands on the Screen
          1. Keying In on the Basics
          2. Gesturing at Your Touchscreen
          3. Starting at Home Base
            1. Wallpapering your Home screen
            2. Crawl space: Bottom of the Home screen
            3. One step up from the bottom: Shortcuts
            4. Midscreen: A word from our sponsors
            5. The Google search bar
            6. The notification bar and panel
            7. The status bar
          4. Grabbing a Quick Menu
          5. Flying the Tab 4 NOOK Wayback Machine
          6. Opening Lots of Windows
        3. Chapter 3: Typing by Tapping, Talking, Swiping
          1. Finding the Keyboard to the Kingdom
          2. Adjusting the Keyboard
            1. Input Languages
            2. Smart Typing
            3. Keyboard Swipe
            4. Key-Tap Feedback
          3. Changing Keyboard Input
            1. Moving the keyboard
            2. Improving your penmanship
            3. Talking it out
        4. Chapter 4: Getting Set to Go
          1. Being a First Timer
            1. Setting up a Google account
            2. The first sign-on
          2. Firing Up the Wi-Fi
            1. Four links in the Wi-Fi chain
            2. Hunting for Wi-Fi
            3. Enabling Wi-Fi on the tablet
            4. Adding a Wi-Fi network manually
            5. Switching Wi-Fi systems
            6. Reconnecting to a Wi-Fi system after setup
          3. Signing Up for Accounts and Other Preliminaries
            1. Click here; read the fine print later
            2. It’s a Google world after all
            3. Signing up for a NOOK account
            4. Who knows where the time goes?
          4. Locking Things Down
            1. Preparing the tablet for lockdown
            2. Changing the lock
            3. Customizing your unlock scheme
          5. Encrypting Your Data
            1. Encrypting
            2. Decrypting
          6. Doing First Things Last: Accessibility Options
            1. Accessibility
            2. Services
            3. Vision
            4. Hearing
            5. Dexterity
            6. Interaction Control
      3. Part II: Communicating Across the Galaxy
        1. Chapter 5: Making Further Connections
          1. Working without a Wire
            1. Advanced Wi-Fi settings
            2. Wi-Fi Direct
          2. King Bluetooth Lives
            1. Understanding Bluetooth
            2. Bluetooth limitations
          3. Getting Physical: USB and Memory Cards
            1. Making the USB connection
            2. It’s in the cards
          4. Sending Air Mail
            1. Sending yourself email
            2. Using the cloud
        2. Chapter 6: Putting in Your Contacts
          1. Roaming Friends and Countrymen
          2. Everything but the Kitchen Sync
            1. Creating a contact by hand
            2. Importing contacts from a computer
            3. Importing contacts through Gmail
          3. Grouping and Degrouping Contacts
            1. Cooking up multiple group contacts
            2. The fifth Beatle: Removing group members
            3. Renaming a group
            4. Deleting a group
          4. Playing Favorites with Contacts
            1. Marking a contact as a favorite
            2. Viewing contacts marked as favorites
            3. Removing a favorite from a contact
          5. Managing Your Contacts
            1. Changing the order
            2. Editing or deleting a contact
          6. Sending Email from Your Contacts
          7. Linking Duplicate Contacts
        3. Chapter 7: We’ve All Got Email
          1. Hey Mister Postman
          2. Writing Home about the Email App
            1. Setting up an email account, automatic style
            2. Setting up an email account, manual style
          3. Customizing Your General Email Settings
            1. Display options
            2. Composing and sending options
            3. Customizing settings for specific accounts
          4. Open It Up!
          5. Starting an Email from Other Apps
          6. Getting Attached
        4. Chapter 8: Using the Galaxy to Go World Wide (Web)
          1. Looking from the NOOK
          2. Speaking Your Mind with Voice Search
          3. Using a Search Engine Other Than Chrome
          4. Skipping the Browser to Search the Web
          5. Sharing Is Caring
          6. Signing in to Chrome
          7. Protecting Your Privacy
            1. Being a revisionist: Clearing your history
            2. Delving deeper into privacy settings
            3. Adjusting content settings
            4. Going incognito in Chrome
          8. Customizing Chrome Sync settings
            1. Encrypting your Google account data
            2. Turning on bandwidth management
            3. Preloading web pages
          9. Leaving Bread Crumbs: Bookmarking
            1. Editing or deleting a bookmark
            2. Adding a web page to your Home screen
            3. Popping open multiple browser tabs
      4. Part III: Reading Electronics
        1. Chapter 9: Looking into the NOOK Library
          1. Rooting Around in Your NOOK Store
            1. Finding a specific book
            2. Buying a book
            3. Buying magazines or newspapers
            4. Subscribing to catalogs
            5. Paying the bill
            6. Archiving to the NOOK cloud
            7. Archiving an item to the NOOK cloud
            8. Performing a sync or refresh
          2. Can I Borrow That?
          3. Being Your Own Librarian
            1. Reading covers
            2. Building your own shelves
          4. Opening and Reading an eBook
            1. Turning the pages
            2. Jumping to a page
            3. Using tricky navigation
            4. Using reading tools
            5. Dog-earing a page
          5. Designing Your Own eBook
          6. Reading Brainy or Trashy: Flipping Through a Magazine
            1. Page view
            2. Article view
          7. Smell of the Ink: Reading a Newspaper
          8. Getting Kids into the Act: Picture Books
            1. Kids’ books are special
            2. Choosing a reading style
          9. Geeking Out about NOOK Comic Books
        2. Chapter 10: Finding Other eBook Sources
          1. Snooping around the Google Play Store
          2. Taking the Kindle Store for a Spin
          3. Going in to OverDrive at the Library
      5. Part IV: Throwing in the Kitchen Sink: Camera, Video, and Music
        1. Chapter 11: Snapping Pictures
          1. Putting Down a Book to Take a Picture
          2. Taking a Camera Tour
          3. Tap-Clicking with a Tablet
          4. Zooming in for a Close-up
          5. Changing the Resolution
          6. Setting Up Picture Preferences
            1. Choosing camera modes and filters
            2. Customizing filenames and storage
          7. Making Movies
            1. Recording video
            2. Zooming in or out
        2. Chapter 12: Getting into the Gallery
          1. Visiting Your Picture Gallery
            1. Viewing images
            2. Zooming in or out
            3. Deleting images
          2. Putting All Your Pictures in One Basket
          3. Sorting Your Pictures
          4. Tagging Your Buddies
            1. Turning on Tag Buddy
            2. Tagging photos in the Gallery
          5. Putting Your Images to Work
          6. Sharing Your Images
          7. Shearing Before Sharing: Trimming a Video
        3. Chapter 13: Singing and Dancing in the Galaxy
          1. Starting with the Hardware
          2. Speaking of Which . . .
          3. Jamming Out on Your Tab 4 NOOK
            1. Choosing what tabs to see
            2. Pressing Play
            3. Deleting a song
            4. Creating (smart) playlists
          4. Making the Music Player all Yours
          5. Showing Your Own Movies
            1. Loading a video
            2. Managing your videos
      6. Part V: The Part of Tens
        1. Chapter 14: Ten Apps to Take Advantage Of
          1. An Alarming Prospect
          2. Planning Your Day with the Calendar
          3. Get Offa My Clouds
          4. Checking Your Latitude
          5. Have the Tuna Eat the Mayo: Taking a Memo
          6. Popcorn, Soda Pop, and Netflix
          7. Editing Photos Without the Shop
            1. Editing with the Photos app
            2. Sharing and archiving
          8. Talking to Your Tab 4 NOOK
          9. My Tube or YouTube
          10. Using Your Most Expensive Calculator
        2. Chapter 15: Ten Steps to Maintaining the Galaxy
          1. Treat the Battery with Respect
          2. Protect the Charger, Too
          3. Don’t Let the Galaxy Fall to Earth
          4. Safeguard the Connector
          5. Don’t Bring Your Own Beverage
          6. Keep a Clean Screen
          7. Don’t Point at the Display
          8. Watch for the Misplaced Key
          9. Clean Up the Memory
          10. Back Up Your Data
        3. Chapter 16: Ten Galaxy Tips and Tricks
          1. Your Tab 4 NOOK Won’t Turn On
          2. Your Tab 4 NOOK Won’t Turn Off
          3. Your Tablet Is a Power Vampire
          4. Extend Your Warranty
          5. Find the Hidden Task Manager
          6. Visit Android System Recovery
          7. Troubleshoot Apps
            1. Turning On Safe Mode
            2. Turning Off Safe Mode
            3. Troubleshooting apps
          8. Do a Soft Reset
          9. Go to Super-Secret Developer Mode
          10. Perform a Factory Reset
      7. About the Author
      8. Cheat Sheet
      9. More Dummies Products

    Product information

    • Title: Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK For Dummies
    • Author(s): Corey Sandler
    • Release date: November 2014
    • Publisher(s): For Dummies
    • ISBN: 9781119008347