Chapter 6

Putting in Your Contacts

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding synchronization

arrow Entering and grouping contacts

arrow Making a contact a favorite

arrow Sending email from your contacts

It’s taken a long, long time but I am finally getting my social and business affairs organized. I still have a gigantic Rolodex of business cards I collected decades ago. My desktop is littered with scraps of paper with notes about people I have met or worked with. Don’t even get me started about the file cabinets in my office; some have not been opened since the previous millennium.

But the concept that finally got me de-scattered is synchronization. It lets you connect the dots on all of those scraps of information, merging information from desktop and laptop computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Just about everything can become connected. Take a picture with the camera and tag a buddy; that image goes to your list of contacts. Get an email or message from that person, and his or her picture appears along with the text. It works the other direction as well: Use the information in your contacts to easily send ...

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