Chapter 14

Ten Apps to Take Advantage Of

In This Chapter

arrow Planning your days with alarms and calendars

arrow Getting into the clouds

arrow Dictating memos, watching movies, and editing photos

arrow Watching endless cat videos on YouTube

This chapter looks at interesting and useful features that automatically come on your tablet. Wade right in and see what else you can do with the Tab 4 NOOK as delivered.

An Alarming Prospect

You can find the Alarm app in the Apps menu; just look for the imaginative icon of an alarm clock. Tap the icon to display its simple charms.

remember.eps Your alarm will sound even if your tablet is sleeping (just like you). When the alarm sounds, drag the red X outside of the large circle to turn it off. If you turned on the snooze, drag the yellow Zz icon outside the circle to steal a few minutes more. Don’t throw your tablet out the window; it could hit someone.

Here’s how to manually set an alarm:

  1. Tap the Alarm app icon.
  2. Tap the + icon in the upper right.
  3. Tap (or press and hold) the ˄ ...

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