Chapter 2

Laying Hands on the Screen

In This Chapter

arrow Gesturing on your touchscreen

arrow Working with menus

arrow Opening more than one window

Some of us are old enough to remember the ultimate expression of the mechanical calculator, a desktop device that seemed to have a dedicated button for every possible command. It looked a little like the keyboard of a gigantic pipe organ, with enough controls for four operators,

But that was then. Today, the design of tablets and smartphones has gone entirely the other direction: there are only three control buttons on the front and two on the side of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK. Instead, we use our fingers to swipe, tap, draw, and issue other commands or enter information.

This chapter looks at touching the touchscreen. The next chapter covers tapping (and swiping and talking to) the keyboard.

warning Like any piece of advanced electronics, your NOOK could be damaged if it touches a high-voltage device or a strong magnetic field. Don’t leave it on top of a powered-on TV or a microwave oven, and don’t play static-electricity games with socks on a carpet.

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