Chapter 4

Getting Set to Go

In This Chapter

arrow Signing on the first time

arrow Turning on Wi-Fi

arrow Signing up for things

arrow Locking and encrypting information

arrow Making things more accessible

One of the hallmarks of the human race is the fact that almost from the very start we have been determined to communicate in a lasting way, beyond mere grunts and ephemeral spoken language. I travel the world almost obsessively and have seen ancient sites decorated with the equivalent of billboards: good hunting over here, fresh water over there, the party house is the third door down on the left. Signs were chiseled into stone, painted onto walls, inscribed on papyrus, hand-illustrated in early books, and then machine-printed all the way until near the end of the 20th century when we all beheld the first portable electronic publications.

I guess what I’m getting at is that a NOOK tablet is, at its core, merely amongst the latest forms of communication. Quite advanced and quite adaptable and requiring a battery ...

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