Chapter 6

Putting Things in Contacts

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding synchronization

arrow Entering and grouping contacts

arrow Making a contact a favorite

arrow Sending email from your contacts

In 1968, a year before Apollo 11 landed the first humans on the moon (with a spacecraft that had a computer less powerful than a pocket calculator), the French actress Brigitte Bardot had a hit song called “Contact,” a triumph of what we used to call bubble-gum music, this one with a loopy outer space theme. “Une météorite m’a transpercé le cœur. Vous, sur la terre, vous avez des docteurs. Contact!” she sang. “A meteorite pierced my heart. You, on the earth, you have doctors. Contact!” (It’s a truly awful song, very much worth checking out on YouTube.)

Today, all she would have needed to do is tap the Contacts icon on her Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK and she would have the landline, cellphone, email, Skype number, Facebook account, Twitter feed, and intergalactic spatial coordinates.

One of the greatest unsung accomplishments of the computer era is the concept of synchronization. And the Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK is among ...

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