Chapter 7

We’ve All Got Email

In This Chapter

arrow Setting up your email

arrow Starting an email from another app

arrow Attaching files to an email message

Because you know that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK is a whole lot more than merely a bright and sprightly eReader for books, it isn’t surprising that it can also send and receive messages to and from anyone with an email address. In today’s age, that includes just about everyone you know. And in the truly good news, for the majority of users, email setup is automatic.

Hey Mister Postman

The Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK comes to you with two email apps: Email (part of the Android operating system) and Gmail (a web-based service that also comes from Google.) You can also add others, like, Yahoo Mail, and third-party email apps developed for tablets and smartphones like Typemail.

In this chapter, I concentrate on the Email app, which is quite full featured. It allows you to set up an account specific to the Tab S2 NOOK, or use the app as a way to bring to your tablet email from just about any other source, including accounts maintained by your cable television provider, a business or educational institution, and even from private domains.

What’s ...

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