Chapter 8

Going Out on the World Wide Web

In This Chapter

arrow Going online with the NOOK

arrow Using Voice Search

arrow Setting your privacy levels

arrow Changing your Chrome sync settings

arrow Bookmarking websites

The Internet is, in many ways, very much like the large junk drawer that most of us have in our kitchen. It’s filled with important tools, odds and ends, recipes, calendars, photos, and in the end something you absolutely must be able to find when you need it even though it is hopelessly hidden beneath a huge stack of old newspapers.

The amazing tool we use: a browser. This app allows your tablet to navigate through all of the pipes and junk drawers and retail shops and libraries that make up the Internet. And browsers easily integrate with search engines such as Google or Bing and others, for better or for worse.

Your Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK comes with the Chrome web browser.

Although Chrome is the official browser for the Tab S2 NOOK, you can use any browser that works with a tablet running a ...

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