Chapter 9

Buying and Reading NOOK Books

In This Chapter

arrow Shopping from your NOOK

arrow Archiving to the NOOK cloud

arrow Lending, borrowing, and reading eBooks, magazines, and newspapers

arrow Managing your library

arrow Designing your own eBook

Okay, so there is not time — or much of a point — in debating the relative advantages of a digital book on a tablet versus an old-fashioned book printed on paper. Lovers of electronic tablets disparagingly call printed books “dead tree” versions. Lovers of printed books wish that tablets were not so small and light and portable.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what medium you use to get your information. The technology is the means of transport and display. A digital, backlit LCD screen tablet is merely another way to read the written word and absorb its content into our souls.

As I explain, Barnes & Noble has taken an off-the-shelf Samsung tablet and packaged it with a set of apps that open the door to their electronic bookstore. That’s the NOOK part of the Samsung ...

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