Chapter 11

Snapping Pictures

In This Chapter

arrow Tap-clicking with a tablet

arrow Zooming in

arrow Choosing your camera settings

arrow Making a movie with the video camera

Once again, we converge on convergence: The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK brings together, under one set of covers, an eReader for books, a small but powerful computer, a video and audio player, some phone functions, and a camera. Let me de-converge that just a bit: Some would argue that it makes compromises at every turn with each of its functions. That’s probably true, but having almost-everything-in-one-place is a beautiful thing.

This chapter looks at the Tab S2 NOOK as a camera. Actually, it has not one, but two cameras — one on the back and the other on the front. They can take pictures or video.

remember Use the rear camera for pictures that you want to print or otherwise view at a size larger than that of the screen on the tablet.

I still laugh when I see people holding a tablet at arm’s length and tapping at the screen to take a picture. ...

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