Chapter 2

The On and Off Chapter

In This Chapter

arrow Setting up and configuring the tablet

arrow Turning on the tablet

arrow Unlocking the screen

arrow Adding accounts

arrow Locking the screen

arrow Shutting down the tablet

I remember reading my very first computer book, back during the Steam-Powered Microcomputer Era. The book had clever and humorous directions for turning on the computer. When it came time to turn off the computer, there was nothing. No information on the proper method for shutting down the silly thing. No details. No humor. Apparently, you turned off the beastie by thunking the big red switch or yanking the plug from the wall socket.

Technology books are better today. As an example, I point to this chapter, which not only shows you how to turn on your Galaxy tablet but also offers directions on locking the thing and turning it off. As a bonus, I've tossed in some setup information as well. And, ...

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