Chapter 4

Typing and Text

In This Chapter

arrow Using the onscreen keyboard

arrow Accessing special characters

arrow Writing text with the S Pen

arrow Dictating text with voice input

arrow Editing text

arrow Selecting, cutting, copying, and pasting text

Don't bother looking for your tablet's keyboard. It's not there. The keyboard you'll use for your Galaxy Note or Galaxy Tab appears on the touchscreen, popping up whenever text input is demanded. Using such a keyboard may be strange for you. Editing text on a touchscreen may be odd. And voice input? That's unusual. All that weird stuff is gently presented in this chapter.

This Is a Keyboard?

To accommodate your typing needs, your Galaxy tablet displays an onscreen keyboard. Don't let it frighten you. If it does, read this section to discover a bit more about what the onscreen keyboard is and how it differs from the keyboards you use in the real world.

Using the onscreen ...

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