Chapter 12

It’s a Big, Flat Camera


Bullet Taking a picture

Bullet Recording video

Bullet Shooting a panorama

Bullet Deleting the image you just shot

Bullet Capturing the screen

Bullet Turning on the flash

Bullet Changing the resolution

Cameras have come a long way since Nicéphore Niépce took a daylong exposure of his backyard using a camera obscura. Photography improved over time, but remained an analog, real-world thing until the 1990s. Then technology went digital. In a few more years, no one will be around who remembers what a roll of film was.

What’s also changed is the camera. No longer do you hold the thing up to your face. Instead, you hold the device at arm’s length and peer at an LCD screen. What’s even stranger is holding up a large, flat object such as the Galaxy Tab and using it to take a picture. Sure, ...

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