AAM (Account Assignment Model), 2526

ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming), 110

ABAP programs, 9192

ABC (activity-based costing), 68

access sequences, 88

Account Assignment Model (AAM), 2526

“Account currency” option, 26

account-based Profitability Analysis, 8586


groups of, 21, 101

IDs for, 38

types of, 118

Accounts Payable (FI-AP)

alternative payees in, 5152

automatic payment programs in, 4550

bills of exchange discounting in, 141

“changes for vendor not confirmed” error in, 140141

check printing in, 141142

clearing two General Ledgers in, 51

configuring, 163168

discount bases in, 137

document types in, 48

due date calculation in, 4445

GR/IR accounts in, 47

house banks in, 50

issues and resolutions in, 135143

journal entries from ...

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