Chapter 11. Making Your Business Processes Environmentally Friendly

All businesses have processes, the day to day work that gets the job done. These processes can be proactive about protecting the environment, or they can keep up the status quo. Energy use, site selection, green building, and recycling are some of the issues that affect all companies. Some companies have more to consider in the area of making their processes environmentally friendly; in particular, those in the manufacturing industry. In addition to the green measures all companies take, manufacturers can hold all their processes up to a green light and see how benefiting the environment in the areas of emissions control, energy management, and waste management also makes good business sense.

The costs of abusing energy, working inappropriately with hazardous materials, and subjecting people to unsafe and unhealthy working environments have materialized in more ways than one. Beyond the financial outlays, a vital regulatory culture has emerged, creating an atmosphere in which it is now virtually impossible to conduct business as usual, carte blanche. Businesses of every type and size must now proactively seek and develop new ways to comprehensively examine, analyze, and govern their processes such that they are both profitable and compliant with existing laws and regulations.

This chapter suggests a variety of ways and means to achieve these ends including changing your company's culture by establishing new energy ...

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