Chapter 18. Ten Groups of GRC Thought Leadership Resources

As you've seen already if you've read this book from cover to cover, GRC covers a lot of ground. Don't hold it against us if we give you a few more than ten resources in this Part of Ten. Instead, how about ten categories of resources?

GRC Resources

In this section, we detail some all-around GRC resources, including some links to information about SAP's GRC solutions.

Web sites

Here are some general Web sites devoted to GRC:

  • SAP solutions for GRC: The official Web site.

  • SAP Developer Network (SDN) includes a community for GRC, the Governance Risk and Compliance BPX Community. This online community provides blogs, forums, articles, and more on the topic of GRC:

  • Open Compliance and Ethics Group (OCEG), a nonprofit that provides GRC guidelines and standards, a community for GRC professionals, information about GRC events, and publishes Compliance Weekly:

  • GRC Roundtable, a community for end-users and others seeking help with GRC-related issues:


Following is a list of GRC-related blogs:

  • Corporate Integrity LLC's GRC Pundit blog, authored by Michael Rasmussen:

  • Ahmad Shahzad's blog:

  • The Village View by Mark Crofton:

  • Amit Chatterjee's blog:

  • James Governor's GRC blogs: ...

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