SAP Hardware Solutions: Servers, Storage, and Networks for

Book description

  • Introduction to designing robust, rock-solid SAP hardware infrastructures!

  • Maximize scalability, availability, and value

  • Hardware sizing: review of techniques with examples

  • All you need to know for designing hardware solutions for Maximizing performance, availability, and value!

    This is the first SAP book to provide a comprehensive overview of the hardware solutions needed for your implementation! You'll find practical, business-oriented recommendations for maximizing performance, availability, and value, covering every relevant hardware component-servers, storage, front-ends, LAN and WAN infrastructure, backup solutions, even printers. Authored by two of HP's senior consultants specializing in enterprise SAP infrastructure design, SAP Hardware Solutions addresses all this, and more:

  • Review of sizing techniques for servers, storage, LANs, and wide area bandwidth: practical examples and scenarios

  • High availability: zero-down-time backup, remote database mirroring, clustering and other failover solutions, towards fault-tolerance, and more

  • "Best practice" storage design techniques: optimizing database disk layouts, considering SANs, and a unique approach to disk system design for performance

  • Translating business requirements into practical, cost-effective hardware solutions

  • Leveraging the cost and management benefits of server consolidation

  • You'll even find never-before-published guidance on architecting networks for SAP—covering everything from IP address structures to high-availability cabling infrastructures.

    With SAP Hardware Solutions, your most business-critical application can be designed to deliver every ounce of reliability and performance you've paid for. You can't afford anything less!

    Table of contents

    1. Copyright
    2. Foreword
    3. Preface
    4. SAP System Architecture OverviewWhat Is
      1. What This Chapter Is About
      2. The mySAP.comWorld
      3. SAP System Technology
      4. Summary
    5. Server Platforms for mySAP.comServer, OS, and Database Platforms
      1. What This Chapter Is About
      2. Operating System and Database Support
      3. Server Technologies
      4. Total Cost of Ownership
      5. Summary
    6. Sizing Systems for The Science of Estimation
      1. What This Chapter Is About
      2. The Business Processing Requirements
      3. Determining the Server's Configuration
      4. Summary
    7. Data Storage for SAPA Strategic Resource
      1. What This Chapter Is About
      2. Disk and Storage Basics
      3. Data Protection (Disk Availability)
      4. Scalability and Managing Growth
      5. Disk Layout Terminology and Examples
      6. Summary
    8. High-Availability Solutions for mySAP.comBackup, Recovery, and Failover
      1. What This Chapter Is About
      2. High-Availability Introduction
      3. Backup and Recovery Solutions
      4. Failover Solutions
      5. High Availability Review for
      6. Summary
    9. PCs, NCs, and PrintersUser Interfaces and Output Management
      1. What This Chapter Is About
      2. The Front-End—Interface to the User
      3. Printer—Hardcopy Output for
      4. Summary
    10. Network Requirements for SAPBuilding the Link Between Servers and Clients
      1. What This Chapter Is About
      2. The Influence of the Network on Performance
      3. The Influence of the Network on Cost
      4. The Influence of Network on Availability
      5. Summary
    11. Logical Network ArchitecturesA Question of Protocol
      1. What This Chapter Is About
      2. IP Networks—Mission Pathfinder
      3. SAP Servers with Multiple Network Cards
      4. Summary
    12. Cables and CabinetsPassive but Essential for Reliability
      1. What This Chapter Is About
      2. Wires and Fibers
      3. Topologies
      4. High-Availability Cabling Topologies
      5. Summary
    13. Local Network SolutionsSAP on the Internal Information Superhighway
      1. What This Chapter Is About
      2. Applications Compete for Bandwidth!
      3. Bandwidth Requirements of Network Segments
      4. Broadcasts—The Hidden Performance Killer
      5. High Availability for Local Area Networks
      6. Summary
    14. Wide Area ConnectivitySAP Services Beyond the Property Borders
      1. What This Chapter Is About
      2. Which Wide Area Service Is Appropriate?
      3. Deploying Routers to Preserve WAN Bandwidth
      4. Security Aspects of WAN Communication
      5. Fault-Tolerant WAN Concepts
      6. Summary
    15. SAP Internet IntegrationSecure SAP Services for E-Commerce
      1. What This Chapter Is About
      2. Performance and Reliability Aspects
      3. Security Aspects of Internet Communication
      4. Secure Network Communication
      5. HP E-Services
      6. Summary
    16. References
      1. References

    Product information

    • Title: SAP Hardware Solutions: Servers, Storage, and Networks for
    • Author(s): Michael Missbach, Uwe M. Hoffmann
    • Release date: November 2000
    • Publisher(s): Pearson
    • ISBN: 0130280844