Chapter 5. Cloning one component out of an MCOD landscape 95
5.3.5 Prepare for submitting the generated JCL
It is recommended to close the Control Center and all client tools that you may
have been running and that hold a connection to the source or target system.
Log on to TSO and
browse (to ensure you do not make unintended updates) the
JCL library. Figure 5-17 shows the jobs that have been generated for our test
Note that the total number of jobs may vary. For each target VCAT marked to be
deleted, there is one PBBLDJjj job. The last two digits are an incrementing
number. For each source VCAT marked to be copied, there is one SFBLDJjj job.
The last two digits are an incrementing number.
Figure 5-17 Generated JCL
Menu Functions Confirm Utilities Help
Command ===> Scroll ===> CSR
Name Prompt Size Created Changed ID
_________ PADELET1
_________ PADELET2
_________ PBBLDJ01
_________ PFLSTCAT
_________ SAADSPLY
_________ SAALTIDX
_________ SAALTQRY
_________ SAALTUSR
_________ SDPRTLOG
_________ SFBLDJ01
_________ SFBLDJ02
_________ TBSYSLIB
_________ TLCHGLOG
_________ WBALTSGP
_________ WCALTUIX
_________ WEWORKFL
_________ WGALTDB2
_________ WIALTDB2
_________ WKALTDB2
_________ WLALTUSR
_________ WNALTWLM
_________ WSCLNUPT
_________ WTVRFALT
_________ XMAP

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