Starting and Stopping SAP Systems

To start the SAP R/3 system, log on at the operating system level using the <sid>adm (lowercase) user account that was created during installation.

For example, if the SID was defined as DD1, then log in as UNIX user dd1adm and enter the password.

To start SAP R/3 on UNIX systems, just execute the startsap command. For example,

dd1adm> startsap

The startsap command is really a UNIX alias (a symbolic name pointing to something else) that calls the needed start programs. To stop the system, enter stopsap in the command line.

The startsap options are

  • UNIX

    STARTSAP = startsap R3

    STOPSAP = stopsap R3

  • Windows

    STARTSAP = \\$(SAPGLOBALHOST)\sapmnt\$(system)\sys\exe\run\startsap.exe

    name = <SID> nr 5 <SYSTEMNR> SAPDIAHOST ...

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