Appendix 1
Reserved Keywords and Unicode
The tables in this section show some of the reserved keywords and Unicode values that
can be used with the UNICODE text command. For information about rendering
Unicode characters, see “Managing the String on Text Statements” in Chapter 7 of SAS
Graph Template Language: User's Guide.
Note the following:
Keywords and Unicode values are not case-sensitive: "03B1"x is the same code point
as "03b1"x.
The word blank is the keyword for a blank space.
Lowercase Greek Letters
Keyword Glyph Unicode Description
alpha α 03B1 lowercase alpha
beta β 03B2 lowercase beta
gamma γ 03B3 lowercase gamma
delta δ 03B4 lowercase delta
epsilon ε 03B5 lowercase epsilon
zeta ζ 03B6 lowercase zeta
eta η 03B7 lowercase eta
theta θ 03B8 lowercase theta
iota ι 03B9 lowercase iota
kappa κ 03BA lowercase kappa
lambda λ 03BB lowercase lambda
Keyword Glyph Unicode Description
mu μ 03BC lowercase mu
nu ν 03BD lowercase nu
xi ξ 03BE lowercase xi
omicron ο 03BF lowercase omicron
pi π 03C0 lowercase pi
rho ρ 03C1 lowercase rho
sigma σ 03C3 lowercase sigma
tau τ 03C4 lowercase tau
upsilon υ 03C5 lowercase upsilon
phi φ 03C6 lowercase phi
chi χ 03C7 lowercase chi
psi ψ 03C8 lowercase psi
omega ω 03C9 lowercase omega
Uppercase Greek Letters
Table A1.1 Uppercase Greek Letters
Keyword Glyph Unicode Description
alpha_u Α 0391 uppercase alpha
beta_u Β 0392 uppercase beta
gamma_u Γ 0393 uppercase gamma
delta_u Δ 0394 uppercase delta
epsilon_u Ε 0395 uppercase epsilon
zeta_u Ζ 0396 uppercase zeta
eta_u Η 0397 uppercase eta
theta_u Θ 0398 uppercase theta
566 Appendix 1 Reserved Keywords and Unicode Values
Keyword Glyph Unicode Description
iota_u Ι 0399 uppercase iota
kappa_u Κ 039A uppercase kappa
lambda_u Λ 039B uppercase lambda
mu_u Μ 039C uppercase mu
nu_u Ν 039D uppercase nu
xi_u Ξ 039E uppercase xi
omicron_u Ο 039F uppercase omicron
pi_u Π 03A0 uppercase pi
rho_u Ρ 03A1 uppercase rho
sigma_u Σ 03A3 uppercase sigma
tau_u Τ 03A4 uppercase theta
upsilon_u Υ 03A5 uppercase upsilon
phi_u Φ 03A6 uppercase phi
chi_u Χ 03A7 uppercase chi
psi_u Ψ 03A8 uppercase psi
omega_u Ω 03A9 uppercase omega
Special Characters
Keyword Glyph Unicode Description
prime ´ 00B4 single prime sign
bar ̅ 0305
combining overline
bar2 ̿ 033F combining double
tilde ̃ 0303
combining tilde
Reserved Keywords and Unicode Values 567
Keyword Glyph Unicode Description
hat ̂ 0302 combining
circumflex accent
This is an overstriking character that requires a Unicode font to render properly.
568 Appendix 1 Reserved Keywords and Unicode Values

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