SAS 9.4 Intelligence Platform: Overview, Second Edition, 2nd Edition

Book description

Provides a point of entry for understanding the basics of the SAS Intelligence Platform. It discusses the benefits of the SAS Intelligence Platform to businesses, describes the architecture, and provides an overview of each software component. This document can be used alone or as an introduction to the deployment and administration guides.

Table of contents

  1. Contents
  2. Accessibility Notice
  3. Value of the SAS Intelligence Platform
    1. About the SAS Business Analytics Framework and the SAS Intelligence Platform
    2. Components of the SAS Intelligence Platform
      1. Components Overview
      2. Data Management Overview
      3. Business Intelligence
      4. Analytics
      5. Supporting Components
    3. Strategic Benefits of the SAS Intelligence Platform
      1. Multiple Capabilities Integrated into One Platform
      2. Consistency of Data and Business Rules
      3. Fast and Easy Reporting and Analysis
      4. Analytics Available to All Users
    4. About SAS Visual Analytics
  4. Architecture of the SAS Intelligence Platform
    1. Architecture Overview
    2. Data Sources
    3. SAS Server Tier
      1. SAS Server Tier Overview
      2. SAS Metadata Server
      3. SAS OLAP Server
      4. SAS Workspace Server
      5. SAS Pooled Workspace Server
      6. SAS Stored Process Server
      7. SAS Object Spawner
      8. SAS LASR Analytic Server
    4. Middle Tier
    5. Clients
  5. Data in the SAS Intelligence Platform
    1. Overview of Data Storage Options
    2. Default SAS Storage
    3. Third-Party Data Storage
    4. Hadoop Data Storage
    5. Parallel Storage
      1. Parallel Storage Overview
      2. Options for Implementing Parallel Storage
      3. How Parallel Storage Works
    6. Multidimensional Databases (Cubes)
    7. How Data Sources Are Managed in the Metadata
      1. Creation of Metadata Objects
      2. Information Maps
      3. SAS Business Data Network
      4. SAS Lineage
  6. Servers in the SAS Intelligence Platform
    1. Overview of SAS Servers
    2. SAS Metadata Server
      1. About the SAS Metadata Server
      2. About the Metadata in the SAS Metadata Repository
      3. How the Metadata Server Controls System Access
      4. How Metadata Is Created and Administered
      5. How Business Metadata Is Organized
    3. Server Objects, Application Servers, and Logical Servers
      1. About Server Objects and Server Groupings
      2. Purpose of the SAS Application Server Grouping
      3. Purpose of the Logical Server Grouping
    4. Load Balancing for SAS Workspace Servers, SAS Stored Process Servers, and SAS OLAP Servers
    5. Workspace Pooling for SAS Workspace Servers
    6. Logging and Monitoring for SAS Servers
    7. SAS Grid Computing
    8. SAS LASR Analytic Server
  7. Middle-Tier Components of the SAS Intelligence Platform
    1. Overview of Middle-Tier Components
    2. SAS Middle Tier Servers
    3. SAS Web Infrastructure Platform
    4. SAS Content Server
  8. Clients in the SAS Intelligence Platform
    1. Overview of Clients
    2. SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office
    3. SAS BI Dashboard
    4. SAS BI Portlets
    5. SAS Data Integration Studio
    6. SAS Enterprise Guide
    7. SAS Enterprise Miner
    8. SAS Environment Manager
    9. SAS Forecast Studio
    10. SAS Information Delivery Portal
    11. SAS Information Map Studio
    12. JMP
    13. SAS Management Console
    14. SAS Mobile BI
    15. SAS Model Manager
    16. SAS OLAP Cube Studio
    17. SAS Visual Analytics
    18. SAS Visual Statistics
    19. SAS Web Parts for Microsoft SharePoint
    20. SAS Web Report Studio
    21. SAS Workflow Studio
    22. SAS Help Viewer for the Web
  9. Security Overview
    1. Overview of SAS Intelligence Platform Security
    2. Authorization and Permissions Overview
      1. Metadata-Based Authorization
      2. Metadata-Bound Libraries
      3. Locked-down Servers
      4. External Authorization Mechanisms
    3. Roles and Capabilities Overview
    4. Authentication and Identity Management Overview
    5. Single Sign-On in the SAS Intelligence Platform
      1. Single Sign-On for SAS Desktop Applications
      2. Single Sign-On for SAS Web Applications
      3. Single Sign-On for Data Servers and Processing Servers
    6. Overview of Initial Users
    7. Encryption Overview
    8. Security Reporting and Logging Overview
  10. Recommended Reading
  11. Glossary (1/2)
  12. Glossary (2/2)
  13. Index (1/2)
  14. Index (2/2)

Product information

  • Title: SAS 9.4 Intelligence Platform: Overview, Second Edition, 2nd Edition
  • Author(s): SAS Institute
  • Release date: February 2016
  • Publisher(s): SAS Institute
  • ISBN: 9781629600901