Example of DATA Step Program
Quality Control Application
This example illustrates how to use a stored compiled DATA step program for a simple
quality control application. This application processes several raw data files. The source
program uses the fileref Daily in the INFILE statement. Each DATA step that is used to
execute the stored program can include a FILENAME statement to associate the fileref
Daily with a different external file.
The following statements compile and store the program:
libname stored 'SAS-library-1';
data flaws / pgm=stored.flaws;
length Station $ 15;
infile daily;
input Station $ Shift $ Employee $ Flaws;
Total + Flaws;
The following statements execute the stored compiled program, redirect the output, and
print the results:
libname stored 'SAS-library-1';
libname testlib 'SAS-library-2';
data pgm=stored.flaws;
redirect output flaws=testlib.daily;
proc print data=testlib.daily;
title 'Quality Control Report';
Output 30.1 Quality Control Application Output
Note that you can use the TITLE statement when you execute a stored compiled DATA
step program or when you print the results.
Example of DATA Step Program 693
694 Chapter 30 Stored Compiled DATA Step Programs

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