SAS High-Performance Analytics Product
The SAS High-Performance Analytics portfolio supports many SAS solutions and
products. Some SAS products are integrated with SAS Grid Manager and (to some
extent) other high-performance analytics products in order to take advantage of parallel
SAS Enterprise Guide:
SAS Enterprise Guide executes as a SAS client and provides a front end to SAS
servers to execute SAS programs. Users create programs that take advantage of the
parallel processing capabilities in Base SAS (for example, thread-enabled procedures
and stored processes). SAS Enterprise Guide can detect whether SAS Grid Manager
is managing the environment to provide workload balancing, resource assignment,
and job prioritization. SAS Enterprise Guide can run Process Flow branches in
parallel on different grid nodes. It enables parallel execution of tasks on the same
server, and you can run tasks at the project or individual level in a SAS Grid
Manager environment. See the SAS Enterprise Guide for details.
SAS Data Integration Studio
SAS Data Integration Studio runs on the SAS Data Integration Server and
automatically takes advantage of grid computing if SAS Grid Manager is installed.
SAS Data Integration Studio 3.4 was enhanced to automatically generate SAS
applications that are enabled to execute on a SAS Grid Manager managed grid. Users
can produce grid-enabled SAS applications without any programming knowledge or
knowledge of the underlying grid infrastructure.
These SAS applications detect the existence of a SAS Grid Manager environment at
run time and distribute the execution accordingly. These grid-enabled applications
can be saved as SAS stored processes and subsequently executed by the SAS
Intelligence Platform components including SAS Web Report Studio, SAS
Information Map Studio, and the SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office. (These
applications need SAS BI or SAS Enterprise BI servers, which depend on SAS
SAS Data Integration Studio can execute with in-memory products SAS High-
Performance Analytics Server and SAS Visual Analytics Server configured with the
SAS Intelligence Platform as an MPP environment, which is always threaded. SAS
Data Integration Studio provides High-Performance Analytics transformations for
SAS LASR Analytic Servers or HDFS. NOTHREADS and CPUCOUNT options
have no effect. See the SAS Data Integration Studio: User’s Guide for details. The
SAS Data Integration Server is administered as part of the SAS Intelligence
SAS Risk Dimensions
The iterative workflow in SAS Risk Dimensions is similar to that in SAS Data
Integration Studio; they both execute the same analysis over different subsets of the
data. This workflow makes them ideal for taking advantage of SAS Grid Manager to
distribute the processing across the grid. For more information, see SAS Risk
Dimensions Users Guide.
SAS Enterprise Miner
SAS Enterprise Miner can automatically generate SAS applications that are enabled
to execute on a SAS Grid Manager grid. These SAS applications detect the presence
of a SAS Grid Manager environment at run time and distribute the execution
218 Chapter 13 Support for Parallel Processing

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