footer NoObs Missing;
options nodate;
ods rtf file='MyCrosstabsTable.rtf' style=white;
title "City Government Form by Number of Meetings Scheduled";
ods noproctitle;
proc freq;
tables citygovt*robgrp / missprint;
ods rtf close;
Creating the $CNTRY Format
proc format;
value $cntry 'BRZ'='Brazil'
'USA'='United States';
Creating the Charity Data Set
proc format;
value yrFmt . = " All";
value $schFmt " " = "All ";
data Charity;
input School $ 1-7 Year 9-12 Name $ 14-20 moneyRaised 22-26
hoursVolunteered 28-29;
format moneyRaised dollar8.2;
format hoursVolunteered f3.0;
format Year yrFmt.;
format School schFmt.;
label School = "Schools";
label Year = "Years";
retain yearmin yearmax;
call symput('first_year',put(yearmin,4.));
call symput('last_year', put(yearmax,4.));
Monroe 1992 Allison 31.65 19
Monroe 1992 Barry 23.76 16
Monroe 1992 Candace 21.11 5
Creating the Charity Data Set 1067

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