columns, and the overall appearance of the output object that uses it. Each table
template contains or references table elements.
a template that defines how to create a type of markup language output from a SAS
format. Tagsets produce markup output such as Hypertext Markup Language
(HTML), Extensible Markup Language (XML), and LaTeX.
tagset definition
a template that specifies instructions for creating a markup language for your SAS
output. The resulting output contains embedded instructions in order to define layout
and some content. Each tagset definition contains event definitions and event
attributes that control the generation of the output. SAS provides tagset definitions
for a variety of markup languages. You can use the TEMPLATE procedure to
modify any of these SAS tagsets or to create your own tagsets.
template store
an item store that contains definitions that were created by the TEMPLATE
procedure. Definitions that SAS provides are in the item store Sashelp.Tmplmst. You
can store definitions that you create in any template store to which you have Write
Glossary 1109

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