layout container
is an area that contains a collection of regions or nested layouts. Layout containers
can have a fixed size (WIDTH=3in and HEIGHT=4in) or can be dynamically sized
to accommodate the regions.
region container
is an area that contains output (such as text, tables, images, graphics), or nested
layout containers. Regions can also have a fixed size or can be dynamically sized to
accommodate the collection of output.
are text that appears at the top of a container or page. Title processing is always done
before any output is produced on the physical page. This is often referred to as page
initialization. Titles can also be specified inside regions, but only the titles that have
changed are displayed.
The following image shows the various layout regions and containers.
Absolute layout and gridded layout are the two types of layouts supported by SAS.
Gridded and absolute layouts can be used together and can be nested.
Absolute Layout
Absolute layout enables you to specify an exact page location using x and y coordinates.
Absolute layout is limited to one page and is supported only by the PRINTER
730 Chapter 6 Arranging Output with ODS LAYOUT

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