Chapter Quiz

Select the best answer for each question. After completing the quiz, check your answers using the answer key in the appendix.
  1. You can position the input pointer on a specific record by using
    1. column pointer controls.
    2. column specifications.
    3. line pointer controls.
    4. line hold specifiers.
  2. Which pointer control is used to read multiple records sequentially?
    1. @n
    2. +n
    3. /
    4. all of the above
  3. Which pointer control can be used to read records non-sequentially?
    1. @n
    2. #n
    3. +n
    4. /
  4. Which SAS statement correctly reads the values for Fname, Lname, Address, City, State and Zip in order?
    Raw Data File
    1.  input Fname $ Lname $ / 
            Address $20. /  
            City $ State $ Zip $;
    2.  input Fname ...

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