Select the best answer for each question. After completing the quiz, check your answers using the answer key in the appendix.
  1. Which of the clauses in the PROC SQL program below is written incorrectly?
    proc sql;
       select style sqfeet bedrooms
          from choice.houses
          where sqfeet ge 800;
    1. SELECT
    2. FROM
    3. WHERE
    4. both a and c
  2. How many statements does the program below contain?
    proc sql;
       select grapes,oranges,
              grapes + oranges as sumsales
          from sales.produce
          order by sumsales;
    1. two
    2. three
    3. four
    4. five
  3. Complete the following PROC SQL query to select the columns Address and SqFeet from the table List.Size and to select Price from the table List.Price. (Only the Address column appears in both tables.) ...

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