Chapter Quiz

Select the best answer for each question. Check your answers using the answer key in the appendix.
  1. Which statement is false regarding an ARRAY statement?
    1. It is an executable statement.
    2. It can be used to create variables.
    3. It must contain either all numeric or all character elements.
    4. It must be used to define an array before the array name can be referenced.
  2. What belongs within the braces of this ARRAY statement?
    array contrib{?} qtr1-qtr4;
    1. quarter
    2. quarter*
    3. 1-4
    4. 4 
  3. For the program below, select an iterative DO statement to process all elements in the contrib array.
    data work.contrib; 
       array contrib{4} qtr1-qtr4; 
    1. do i=4;
    2. do ...

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