Chapter Quiz

Select the best answer for each question. Check your answers using the answer key in the appendix.
  1. How can you create SAS output in HTML format on any SAS platform?
    1. by specifying system options
    2. by using programming statements
    3. by using SAS windows to specify the result format
    4. you cannot create HTML output on all SAS platforms
  2. In order for the date values 05May1955 and 04Mar2046 to be read correctly, what value must the YEARCUTOFF= option have?
    1. a value between 1947 and 1954, inclusive
    2. 1955 or higher
    3. 1946 or higher
    4. any value
  3. When you specify an engine for a library, what are you specifying?
    1. the file format for files that are stored in the library
    2. the version of ...

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