Scenario 10


This scenario uses the Certadv.EmpAdd, Certadv.EmpOrg, and Certadv.EmpPh data sets. Write an SQL query that does the following:
  • Create a view named Work.PhoneList that contains the following columns:
    • Department with a format of $25.
    • EmployeeName with a format of $25.
    • PhoneNumber with a format of $16. and a label of Home Phone
  • Use the data found in the following tables. Column names that you need from each data set are in parentheses.
    • certadv.empadd (EmployeeID, EmployeeName)
    • certadv.emporg (EmployeeID, Department)
    • certadv.empph (EmployeeID, PhoneNumber, PhoneType)
    • Use an alias for each table for simpler programming. Use 'a' for certadv.empadd, 'o' for certadv.emporg, and 'p' for ...

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