Scenario 6


This scenario uses the Excel file heart.xlsx. Write a SAS program to do the following and store the results in the data set Work.Heart.
  • Import the Excel file heart.xlsx.
  • Drop the AgeAtDeath and DeathCause variables from the Work.Heart data set.
  • Include only the observations where Status=Alive in the Work.Heart data set.
  • If the AgeCHDdiag variable has a missing value (.), then do not include the value in Work.Heart.
  • Create a new variable Smoking_Status, set its length to 17 characters, and use the following criteria:
    • If the value of Smoking is between 0 and less than 6, then Smoking_Status is "None (0–5)".
    • If the value of Smoking is between 6 and 15 inclusively, then Smoking_Status is ...

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