Chapter 1Introduction

Data analytic development creates and implements software as a means to an end, but the software itself is never the end. Rather, the software is designed to automate data ingestion, cleaning, transformation, analysis, presentation, and other data-centric processes. Through the results generated, subsequent data products confer information and ultimately knowledge to stakeholders. Thus, a software product in and of itself may deliver no ultimate business value, although it is necessary to produce the golden egg—the valuable data product. As a data analytic development language, Base SAS is utilized to develop SAS software products (programs created by SAS practitioners) that are compiled and run on the SAS application (SAS editor and compiler) across various SAS interfaces (e.g., SAS Display Manager, SAS Enterprise Guide, SAS University Edition) purchased from or provided by SAS, Inc.

Data analytic software is often produced in a development environment known as end-user development, in which the developers of software themselves are also the users. Within end-user development environments, software is never transferred or sold to a third party but is used and maintained by the developer or development ...

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