If all of your users are working in the upgraded version, you can safely ignore the
warning. If some of your users need to continue working in the earlier version, you must
decide whether to run the job or not.
For example, you might have some users working in the same job in versions 4.5 and
4.6. If the 4.6 user adds a new 4.6 transformation to a job that was created in 4.5 and
saves it, the job depends on a transformation that was not available in version 4.5 and is
saved as a version 4.6 job. Then the 4.5 user is unable to run the job in version 4.5.
Note that this warning can be disabled by clearing the Display a warning on older job
version check box on the Job Editor tab of the Options window. This window is
available from the Tools ð Options menu. You can disable an error message that is
displayed when you open a job that was created in a newer version than the application
that you are using by clearing the Display an error on newer job version check box.
This check box is located on the same tab in the Options window.
Displaying Run-Time Statistics in SAS Job
SAS Job Monitor is an optional component of SAS Environment Manager. SAS
Environment Manager is a web-based monitoring solution for a SAS environment. SAS
Job Monitor reads job logs at specified locations and displays run-time statistics from the
logs. If your site has met the prerequisites in the following section, and you can access
the SAS Environment Manager, then you can select Analyze ð SAS Job Monitor to
display run-time statistics for SAS Data Integration Studio data jobs.
Prerequisites for Monitoring Jobs in SAS Job Monitor
Your site must license SAS Environment Manager and SAS Job Monitor.
Both Run-time Statistics and Table Statistics must be turned on for those SAS Data
Integration Studio jobs that you want to monitor in SAS Job Monitor. For more
information about this task, see “Meeting Prerequisites for Collecting Job Statistics” on
page 169.
In SAS Job Monitor, an administrator must use the Tools ð Configure Server option to
register the location of the job logs for SAS Data Integration Studio. For more
information about this task, see the topic "Configure Batch Jobs for Monitoring” in the
Help for SAS Job Monitor.
Displaying Run-Time Statistics in SAS Web
Report Studio or the SAS Stored Process Server
You can use SAS Web Report Studio or the SAS Stored Process Server to display pre-
built reports for multiple jobs that were executed on a batch server. The information for
these reports is captured in server logs on at run time, using SAS Application Resource
Monitoring (ARM) capabilities. ARM correlates the job with the hardware that it is
being run on, so that memory use and I/O can be captured and tagged to a specific job.
Performance records are combined with error messages, warnings, table names, and
184 Chapter 7 Managing Jobs

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