SAS For Dummies

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Created in partnership with SAS, this book explores SAS, a business intelligence software that can be used in any business setting or enterprise for data delivery, reporting, data mining, forecasting, statistical analysis, and more. SAS employee and technologist Stephen McDaniel combines real-world expertise and a friendly writing style to introduce readers to SAS basics. It covers crucial topics such as getting various types of data into the software, producing reports, working with the data, basic SAS programming, macros, and working with SAS and databases.

Table of contents

  1. Title
  2. Contents
  3. Introduction
    1. About This Book
    2. Foolish Assumptions
    3. What Not to Read
    4. Conventions Used in This Book
    5. Icons Used in This Book
    6. How This Book Is Organized
    7. Where to Go from Here
  4. Part I : Welcome to SAS!
    1. Chapter 1: Touring the Wonderful World of SAS
      1. SAS — Isn’t That Just for Gurus?
      2. Data, Data Everywhere — But Not Where I Need It!
      3. Data Summaries and Reporting
      4. The Secret Sauce: Analytics to Optimize the Present and Predict the Future
      5. Sharing the SAS Wealth
      6. What the IT Department Needs to Know
      7. Checking Out Real-World Success Stories
    2. Chapter 2: Your Connection to SAS: Using SAS Enterprise Guide
      1. Using SAS Enterprise Guide, the Swiss Army Knife of SAS
      2. Accessing and Managing Data
      3. Visualizing Success with Charts
      4. Creating Reports for Even the Crankiest Manager
    3. Chapter 3: Six-Minute Abs: Getting Miraculous Results with SAS
      1. Where Is My Data Set Coming from and Where Is It Going?
      2. Querying Your Way to Success
      3. Summarizing the Data
      4. Building a Forecast
  5. Part II : Gathering Data and Presenting Information
    1. Chapter 4: Accessing Data: Oh, the Choices!
      1. Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, and Text Files: Accessing the Data Hidden on Your PC
      2. Server-Based Data: Can You Super-Size That?
    2. Chapter 5: Managing Data: I Can Do That?
      1. Taking a Quick Look at What You Can Do with Data
      2. Queries: Bringing Your Data Together and Making It Sing (Or at Least Hum)
      3. Editing, Sorting, Ranking, Transposing, and Other Data Contortions
    3. Chapter 6: Show Me a Report in Less Than a Minute
      1. Discovering Your Reporting Options
      2. Data Listings and Summaries for the Listless
    4. Chapter 7: You Want Fries with That Graph?
      1. Graphing Basics
      2. Graphs for Every Occasion
      3. Creating Graphs with SAS
  6. Part III : Impressing Your Boss with Your SAS Business Intelligence
    1. Chapter 8: A Painless Introduction to Analytics
      1. Analytic Concepts Useful for Everyone
      2. Distribution Analysis — Describing Your Data
      3. Analyzing Counts and Frequencies
      4. Transforming Your Data for Further Use
      5. Basic Data Analysis via Correlation Techniques
      6. ANOVA and Regression: No PhD Required!
    2. Chapter 9: More Analytics to Enlighten and Entertain
      1. Staying Alive with Survival Analysis
      2. Quality Control: You Want Something That Works?
      3. Multivariate Analysis: Understanding Complex Relationships
      4. Forecasting: Using the Crystal Ball
      5. Data Mining: Precious Jewels in Your Data
    3. Chapter 10: Making It Pretty: Controlling Your Output
      1. Output Delivery with No Extra Postage Required
      2. Power of the Palette: Creating Your Own Styles
      3. Mixing Style and Substance: Conveying Meaning with Style
      4. Plain Text Is Not Dead Yet
  7. Part IV : Enhancing and Sharing Your SAS Masterpieces
    1. Chapter 11: Leveraging Work from SAS to Those Less Fortunate
      1. Pulling Out Results without Pulling Teeth
      2. Using Only the Good Bits: Assembling Reports in a Snap
      3. Canning Your Work for Others to Use in Stored Processes
    2. Chapter 12: OLAP: Impressing Your Co-workers
      1. Who Invited All the Cubes?
      2. OLAP Features
      3. More OLAP Features
    3. Chapter 13: Supercharge Microsoft Office with SAS
      1. The Power of SAS from the Cozy World of Office
      2. Using the Add-In to Get the Most Out of Office Integration
    4. Chapter 14: Web Fever: Yeah, SAS Has That Covered
      1. Self-Service Reporting for Everyone
      2. Going beyond Basic Reporting
      3. More Details on SAS Web Report Studio
  8. Part V : Getting SAS Ready to Rock and Roll
    1. Chapter 15: Setting It All Up
      1. How Complicated? It Depends
      2. The Sweetest Setup: Local-Local
      3. Distributing SAS to the Masses
      4. Good News Travels Fast — How about Your Data?
    2. Chapter 16: Taming the Data Beast
      1. Data Warehousing: Do I Really Need to Think about This?
      2. Fundamental Principles of Data Warehousing
      3. The Value of Well-Managed Data Marts
    3. Chapter 17: The New World Meets the Old: Programmers and SAS Enterprise Guide
      1. Getting Organized with Projects
      2. Letting SAS Tasks Do the Heavy Lifting
      3. Being Flexible with Project Parameters
      4. Off-Limits: Stuff That Won’t Work
  9. Part VI : The Part of Tens
    1. Chapter 18: Ten SAS Enterprise Guide Productivity Tips
      1. The “Keys” to Success
      2. Don’t Limit Yourself: Use More than One Session
      3. See What’s Installed on Your Server
      4. The Switcheroo: Changing the Input Data for a Task
      5. Watch the Log Grow
      6. Copy Data
      7. Expand Your Horizons with Custom Tasks
      8. Submit a Selection
      9. Don’t Wait for Data to Open
      10. Need Not Be Present to Win: Schedule Your Project
    2. Chapter 19: Ten Tips for Administrators
      1. Determining When SASUSER Isn’t Usable
      2. Managing Logins from SAS Enterprise Guide Explorer
      3. Disarming SAS Enterprise Guide Explorer
      4. Using METALIB to Synchronize Metadata with Reality
      5. Getting Better Performance from Information Maps
      6. Making Your Database Work for You with Implicit Pass-Through
      7. Publishing Reports from SAS Enterprise Guide: What’s Needed
      8. Catching and Killing a Runaway SAS Session
      9. Telling One SAS.EXE from Another
      10. Peering under the Covers with Process Logs
    3. Chapter 20: Ten (or More) Web Resources for Extra Information
      1. Need Some Support?
      2. What Else Does SAS Offer and How Are Others Succeeding with SAS?
      3. Help Me Out with More Info on Making Effective Charts and Graphs
      4. Where Can I Find Out More about Business Intelligence?
      5. Where Can I Discover More about Statistics and Analytics?
      6. What about More Information That Just Did Not Fit in This Book?
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  • Title: SAS For Dummies
  • Author(s): Stephen McDaniel, Chris Hemedinger
  • Release date: June 2007
  • Publisher(s): For Dummies
  • ISBN: 9780471788324