Chapter 4: %SYSFUNC

4.1 Basic Examples

4.2 Capturing the Program Name

4.3 Commas and Nested %SYSFUNCs

4.4 Achieving the Impossible, Revisited

4.5 Capturing Option Settings

4.6 Efficiency Considerations

4.7 A Final Example: ZIP Codes

4.7.1 Programming Challenge #3

4.7.2 Solution

The DATA step supports hundreds of functions. But the macro language contains a handful of functions, such as %SCAN and %SUBSTR. %SYSFUNC bridges the gap, permitting the macro language to utilize virtually all DATA step functions. (Technically, it can also utilize functions written using SAS/TOOLKIT software and PROC FCMP.)

Programmers apply functions in many ways, for many purposes. As a result, %SYSFUNC examples cover a broad range of applications. To the extent possible, ...

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