Chapter 6: INTO

6.1 SELECT Executes Immediately

6.2 Numeric-to-Character Conversion

6.3 SELECTing Multiple Values

6.4 DISTINCT Differences

6.5 How Many Macro Variables?

6.6 Zero Incoming Observations

6.6.1 Programming Challenge #5

6.6.2 Solution

6.7 An Unusual Application: Separated by Else

6.8 Dictionary Tables

6.9 Extremely Long Lists

6.10 Blanks vs. Nulls

If you like CALL SYMPUT, you’ll love the INTO : operator in PROC SQL. It also transfers information from a data set to macro variables. But it possesses unique capabilities, such as creating a series of macro variables rather than just one, and extracting data from a collection of observations into a single macro variable. Sections 6.1 through 6.5 illustrate these basic principles, while ...

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