Appendix C. Sample Data Set

The following DATA steps create the data set that is used in this book. Make sure you define a libref for BOOKS before submitting the second DATA step.

data bookdb; attrib section length=$30 label='Section' booktitle length=$50 label='Title of Book' author length=$50 label='First Author' publisher length=$50 label='Publisher' cost length=8 label='Wholesale Cost' format=dollar10.2 listprice length=8 label='List Price' format=dollar10.2 saleprice length=8 label='Sale Price' format=dollar10.2; array sname{6} $ 30 ('Internet' 'Networks and Telecommunication' 'Operating Systems' 'Programming and Applications' 'Certification and Training' 'Web Design'); array ln{125} $ 15 _temporary_ ( 'Smith ' 'Johnson ' 'Williams ' 'Jones ...

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