EXAMPLE 1  Bar with Annotated Marker

Purpose: Demonstrate how to annotate custom graphic markers onto a chart in a data-driven manner.

Let us start with a simple little bar chart. This bar chart technique was developed as part of the winning entry from SAS/GRAPH in DM Review Magazine’s Dashboard Contest.1 (See Example 2, “Using PROC GREPLAY for Custom Dashboard Layout,” for a description of the dashboard in its entirety.)

The data set consists of quarter (Q1-Q4), the actual value attained, and the target value. We will use the following simple values:

data metrics;
input Quarter $ 1-2 Actual Target;
Q1 3.1833 3.25
Q2 2.9500 3.50
Q3 2.8167 3.75
Q4 1.8126 4.00

The performance criteria are as follows:

    <60% = poor
 60%-90% ...

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