Chapter 16 A Full House

The bouncer's eyes followed us back to our table. Tammy watched also, and after we sat down, she leaned over.

"House rules don't allow spectators in those high-stake games, honey."

"We've got money. How do we get in?" Julia asked.

The woman cracked her lips, like she'd heard something funny. "It's a regular Thursday-night poker game. The mayor's pretty particular about who he plays with."

"How long does it go on?" I asked.

"Relax and have another drink." She leaned back. "Lynching won't start 'till one or two."

We couldn't stand the smoke and noise any longer and went outside to sit on the deck. Julia wrapped her arms around her knees. At last we'd found Smith, but why had he led us here? I knew Smith well enough to suspect ...

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