AACGR. See Average annual cumulative growth rate

Aggressive-rebalancing, 242

Agricultural model, 135–140

American manufacturing industry

analysis and strategy, 4–5

arguments, 2–3

Brookings Institution report, 3

competitiveness and technology, 249–251

competitiveness audit, 243

critical role, 4

currency, 239–243

decline of, 1

energy, 251–252

exchange rates, 239–243

final observations, 252–256

national security, 248–249

recommended actions, 256–257

trade policy, 244–247

Average annual cumulative growth rate (AACGR), 139

Balance of payments (BOP)

data patterns, 211

durable goods

audio and video equipment, 190–192

communication equipments, 189–190

computer and electronic products, 185–186

computers and peripheral products, 187–189

deficits, ...

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