Appendix A. SAX2 API Summary

This appendix provides a quick reference to each of the SAX2 APIs presented in this book. It shows API signatures and provides a brief overview for each interface, class, and exception in alphabetical order.

Full documentation for these APIs is available for you to download or browse online at the SAX web site (, and it should also be available with documentation for your SAX parser.

The org.xml.sax Package

The org.xml.sax package holds the interfaces and exceptions that are at the core of SAX, including some deprecated SAX1 APIs.

The AttributeList Interface

This SAX1 interface is not used in SAX2; the Attributes interface, which supports namespace identifiers, is used instead.

For more information, refer to Section 5.2 in Chapter 5.

public interface AttributeList 
    public int getLength();
    public String getType(int index);
    public String getValue(int index);
    // access to name info
    public String getName(int index);// access by XML 1.0-style names
    public String getType(String qName);
    public String getValue(String qName);

The Attributes Interface

This interface groups all the attributes associated with a given element in the ContentHandler.startElement() call. Attribute characteristics are frequently accessed using an indexed access model, though you can also determine the index, type, or value of an attribute given XML 1.0-style (qName) or namespace-style (uri, localName) versions of its name.

For more information, refer to ...

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